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  Monday 16 September 2019
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For Dounitex, well trained and valorised staff is the guarantee for a high quality service. Therefore, the company has put in place an ambitious training and competence development policy.

The Learning Training Center (CFA)

To face professionalization of the textile sector and have qualified staff according to production needs, Dounitex has extensively invested in an ambitious training and recruitement by learning program.

Dounitex is therefore one of 10 pioneer companies in Morocco to have implemented a Learning Training Center. For the implementation of this ambitious program the company has benefited of the assistance of the German cooperation agency GTZ.

The diploma delivered by Dounitex’s CFA is publicly recognized and and makes it’s graduates valuable and appealing on the labor market.

Multitask training and performance

In order to face the diversity of its orders and guarantee a perfect adaptability of its manufacturing, Dounitex trains its entire staff to be versatile.

To introduce a culture of performance, Dounitex has also started a training program for its middle management and a coaching program for its director’s team.

Social development

Established since 1996 in a modern factory in the heart of Casablanca, Dounitex offers its employees privileged working conditions guaranteeing the respect of all social and security standards.

Committed to a social development approach, Dounitex has implemented a general training program for its entire staff, including language courses, computer training and alphabetization.


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